Then He Kissed Me

At a Rustic Wedding in the Summer of 2016 I was coordinating the family & guest, releasing each table one at a time to the buffet area. There was a little 1 yr old boy on the left side of the pavillion and a little girl about the same age on the right side. First he noticed her and wouldn’t stop staring at her. She must have felt the stares and noticed him too. Evening though there was music playing they started to baby talk to each other from opposite sides of the dance floor.

As I watched this exchange, I noticed others were also noticing the two babies. Then the little boy said something along the lines of “Wait! I’ll meet you there” in baby talk and got down from his chair. She answered him back in baby talk, probably something like “I’ll meet you half way”.

They crossed the room at met at the stairway and stopped for about 3 or 4 seconds to study each other. Then it happened! He just leaned over and kissed her! The room erupted into laughter and clapping. This one moment was captured on camera and it brought both families of the Bride and Groom together.

As soon as I saw him kiss her, the first thing that popped in my mind was the 1963 hit “Then He Kissed Me” by the Crystals. I was fast enough to grab it on my laptop and played it and many of the people knew immediately why I had.

So this is why this Blog is dedicated to those magical moments. Because they are just too special to keep them to myself. I hope you click the follow button, as every week, we will write a new entry. Remember that Access DJ’s is more than just music, and we are here to make your evening as magical as you have always envisioned it. ~ John