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A blog dedicated to those special moments that are magical at my events, and also to discuss local trends and spotlight awesome vendors and their talents. Lastly, this Blog is to help local Houston Brides and Grooms with their planning from start to finish.

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  1. Magical – Those moments that are truly special and spontaneously happen at my events.
  2. Planning – Vendors, layouts, technical, venues and more. If it has to do with the wedding or event industry and creating the perfect evet, it will be in this category
  3. Trendy – Whether it’s a Classic with a twist, a new form of event fun, a specific theme or style that is currently all the rave, you can find the article in this section.

MAGICAL: Then He Kissed Me – At a Rustic Wedding in the Summer of 2016 I was coordinating the family & guest, releasing each table one at a time to the buffet area. There was a little 1 yr old boy on the left side of the pavillion and a little girl about the same age on the right side. First he noticed her and … click here

PLANNING: Intimate and Personal Weddings – Some couples come to me stating that they are having a wedding “BUT its only about 50 people in my backyard so it can’t be that hard.” This is true, but remember that someone has to coordinate the caterers, the friends or family and direct everyone throughout the evening… click here