Affordable Saturday DJ Package at $500

Check out our Affordable DJ Package at just $500! Why? Because Houston has 2 offseasons. January, February and March in the winter and during the hot months of July, August and September. If you are having an event during these time frames, then take advantage of our $500 DJ Package. If you need to add an hour for the Ceremony, we will drop the Ceremony price to $100 (instead of the $250 regular price). You will still receive the same exact quality and expertise from our Master of Ceremonies and equipment, however, we will pass on these saving to you, just so that we can fill our calendar during the slow months. This is a win-win situation for both you and us.

We will also discount our photo booth package to $500 for a 4-hour Reception. It will still come with unlimited pictures, an attendant, and props. Should you need all three (Ceremony-1Hr, Reception-4Hrs, and Photo Booth-4.5Hrs), we will drop the price of the ceremony and you can book all three for $1000. This is a total saving of $650 off our normal prices. We only have three of these specials per week during these months, so calls us to reserve your date before they are booked.

Friday & Sunday Wedding packages for $400

If you are searching for an incredible DJ deal in 2018, then look no further. If you are a Friday or Sunday Bride and Groom, imagine our services for just $400 for your 4-hour reception.

*Disclaimer- Certain Greater Houston venues already receive these discounts at a built-in price for our DJ’s to perform exclusively at their events. Please ask us if your venue is on that list.